Fast Fashion Facts

You've probably heard about it before, the people who are making fast fashion items work under very bad conditions. They get verbally abused and beaten, work long (over) hours and earn only a little money. 

That's horrific right! And these facts are not even the only bad things about it. 

Did you know that the fast fashion industry is responsible for 20% of the worldwide wastewater? That is shockingly much. You should also know that the co2 emission that the fast fashion industry emits is bigger than the co2 emission of airplanes. These are terrible facts. By telling you these facts I want to create an awareness for (against) the fast fashion industry. 

I hope that now you know a little more about the Fast Fashion industry, you'll stop shopping at stores such as H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Primark, Monki etc. Instead of that, search for sustainable/ slow fashion brands, or shop secondhand clothes/ go thrifting. Of course it would be nice if you'd go shopping at your-secondhand but what we find more important is that you skip the fast fashion brands and go for a more sustainable way. 🌿

- Very bad working conditions
- Responsible for 20% of worldwide wastewater
- Larger co2 emission than airplanes

Wanna read more about this topic? Check one of these websites below or watch some cool documentaries. 

Love, your-secondhand

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