About our vision

I (Linde Helene) have been selling vintage and secondhand clothes for a while now. I used to sell my clothes that I didn't wear anymore on instagram and united wardrobe for some years. I found out that people got excited to buy secondhand clothes and that made me even more excited. I started to go thrifting in the neighbourhood and selling those clothes online. 🌻

Later on, I decided it would be great to start a webshop in the future. Now two years later I graduated from the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam with my graduating project called your-secondhand and my own designed webshop is in the air! ✨

It's not just selling that thrives me, not at all, I find it very important that people understand what the fast fashion industry does to the world, people and our environment. Read about some fast fashion facts at this blogpost. After reading these facts you might think really different about buying new clothes. Without wanting to sound harsh I really hope to change some minds, because the world really needs something good, don't you agree?

I'd recommend to shop vintage / secondhand, if it's at our shop, or some thrift store in your neighbourhood, every bit helps for a better environment! And by the way, it goes easy on your purse and on the world. That's what we all want right? 🌿

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